About GreenField Direct

GreenField Direct focuses on exceeding our customer needs while demonstrating a superior pledge to excellence in our products. We are devoted to solving and providing superior product solutions for our growing customer base.


GreenField Direct is in a constant pursuit to fuel the marketplace with useful pioneering products. Using our think tank of inventioneers, we lead the charge by building innovative products that feature an exceptional price-to-value ratio and improve the lives of our customers by providing them with an increased “Peace of Mind”.

History & The Future

Through GreenField Direct's visionary leadership, we plan to carry the world forward, changing it by improving the way our customers work and live. With that same pioneering spirit bringing over 35 years of success to tap into, GreenField Direct will continue the tradition of innovativeness and "inventioneering." We plan on chipping away at the boundaries of what is possible and yet practical - still changing the world, one product at a time.


2012 marked the beginning of a new venture for our team in distribution. GreenField Direct will continue with our tradition of producing superior, high quality products for our customers well into the future.