Agriculture Industry Products

GreenField Direct offers several solutions in the agriculture market offering complete line of the KZValve products.  KZValve has been manufacturing quality products for the Agricultural Market since 1976. In 1982, KZValve also introduced the first motorized ball valve to the Ag Industry. KZValve has been, and continues to be synonymous with reliability, quality, and the dedication to excellence which meets or exceeds the standards of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers. Working hand-in-hand with the OEM’s to design products that have become increasingly valuable to the Ag Industry, GreenField Direct is committed to the future of Agriculture in providing high quality products.



Fire Industry Products

GreenField Direct being a distributor of the KZValve product line who has become synonymous with quality in the Fire Apparatus Industry over the last 10-plus years. KZValve and GreenField Direct takes pride in creating a quality, reliable, and innovative product that is held to a high standard of performance. Working hand-in-hand with OEM’s to design products that have become increasingly valuable for the firefighter, GreenField Direct is committed to the future of the fire market.


HVAC and Industry Products

GreenField Direct provides high quality products for the Industrial Market. Both mobile and stationery applications have utilized the quality that GreenField Direct offers.  Whether it be Water Filtration, HVAC applications, or placed on a Horizontal Boring Machine, GreenField Direct has filled the need for a multitude of industrial applications.



De-Icing Industry Products

GreenField Direct provides quality solutions for the De-Icing and Anti-Icing Market. Both roadway and runway applications as well as the De-Icing and Anti-Icing of planes have utilized the KZValve product line, which includes 12-volt dc and 24-volt ac/dc motorized valves. GreenField Direct also offers controllers that are prevalently used in this industry.



Marine Industry Products

GreenField Direct automatic valves can be used in conjunction with manual seacocks. GreenField Direct gives you the ability to design an automated system for operating multiple automatic valves that perform synchronous tasks in a precise, verifiable mode of action.

Almost any boat valve can be automated with a valve offered by GreenField Direct:

  • Seacocks
  • Jet Thrusters
  • Air Systems
  • Waste Water systems
  • Fuel transfer/tank selection
  • Ballast systems
  • Baitwells, Livewells